Jemez River Canyon

So here’s the thing. I’ve been a few times to this beautiful place where the east fork of the Jemez river travels through this beautiful little meadow with volcanic rock formations along it. But the trail stops about 2 miles in, and the river goes through a steep canyon where there is no room for a trail, and very steep cliffs. There’s another way in from the other side, but that stops at the canyon as well.

So I went out and bought some waders and strapped my crampons on them and headed out the other day. It’s a really beautiful place, absolutely quiet and remote feeling. It’s a little hard to tell from Santa Fe what the weather is going to be like, so it was overcast much of the time, but still very worth seeing.

This is the entrance from the west side, where I had to stop last time.
Looking down from the first cliff.
Heading into the canyon
this was taken by a Russian drone that went by
I had to climb to get past a steep ice covered fall – this is the view from up there
Sun breaking through towards the end of the day
Hillside in shadow and sun
Here I was following a coyote’s tracks the rest of the way
Looking east looking back towards the sun hitting the trees
Late afternoon light
Lovely little meadow towards the end of the hike

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