Fall colors 2020

I recently went out and made some photographs in the Sangre De Christo as the aspens reached peak color, and then a few days later, headed north to the Chama River Canyon to see the cottonwoods. Here are some of the images from those trips:

I wanted to be up in the mountains at sunrise, so headed up wicked early. Here’s the moon setting as I headed up from the trail.
There are some cliffs above Tesuque Creek which seem kind of inaccessible, but if one looks after passing them, you can climb relatively easily, and it’s a wonderful view looking out towards Santa Fe just as the sun was rising.
I bushwhacked over to another trail through various stands of aspen. Here the sun is just hitting the trees above me as it climbs down the mountain.
It’s wonderful to be in this dense, almost field painting abstraction of trees.
Here is a little aspen getting hit by sunlight reaching through the trees.
This is looking out towards the mountain range as I headed down to the other trail.
Here’s a shot of the popular Aspen Vista Trail from above.
This is probably the most expensive photograph I’ve taken. It’s a little lane that leads one to a plank bridge over the Rio Grande west of Espanola. When I got back to the car (I was on my way to the Chama River) someone had heaved a huge rock through my driver’s window and stolen my backpack and camera bag with 5 cameras! (used cameras)
This is just before dawn on the Chama River. (I still had two cameras and a tripod fortunately)
Here the sun is just hitting Laguna Mesa in Chama River Canyon. This is taken from a bridge over the Continental Divide.
Looking out over some cottonwoods over the river. (I was maybe a week late for peak color)
This is right after the sun rose enough for full day to hit the valley.
Looking out over a bend in the river later in the day.
This is a lovely little recessed wood below a bluff next to the river.
Looking west as the sun set in the canyon.
Here are some friends who decided to allow me to pass as the day was ending.

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