Nocturne, Rutland Vermont Watercolor 22″ x 30″

I’m almost (probably not quite) finished with this watercolor of downtown Rutland Vermont. I wandered around central Vermont late one night last September, and was struck by the stillness in this scene, and that sense of being lost in time a little bit. As usual the painting looked pretty awful for most of it’s progress!


7 thoughts on “Nocturne, Rutland Vermont Watercolor 22″ x 30″

  1. Thanks Barbara. I’m guessing you mean dark? After some experimentation, I use a blend of neutral tint, burnt umber and ultramarine blue for my blacks most of the time. For skies, I add a layer of prussian blue and/or indigo depending. Indigo however, will lift pretty easily and move around, so I try to use it last. I used to use sepia as well, but that really moves around, so I’ve mostly stopped.


  2. Richard Kizu-Blair

    Hey bud…I’m loving your work. Are you familiar with Fairfield Porter? We saw his paintings at the Parrish Art Museum on Long Island — your early stages remind me of those


    1. Thanks old friend! I am familiar with Fairfield Porter – recently read a biography of him called A Life in Art. Funny, because I have always been a huge fan of his brother Eliot’s photography, before I knew of him. I once took a workshop in Maine with David Dewey and wandered over to where their house in Maine was, and was wondering who lived there over the bridge…


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