Marguerite & Barney

A dear friend and old colleague wanted me to make a painting of his stepdaughter (daughter) and her horse. These are some of the steps towards making this oil painting for them.

Here is the final piece about to be shipped!
This started out with a loose drawing using markers and some scumbled body color.
Second stage was to start adding details of the fence and the trees, as well as beginning to show the subjects.
Here’s the first stage of painting in Marguerite and Barney the horse, as well as beginning to work on the grass in the foreground.
This is more of the foreground painted in – just a first pass.
This is the point where I realized what I had gotten myself into. Everything feels sloppy here and clarifying it looks to be a ton of work!
Now I’m slowly adding coherent details; a very slow process.
Here is the final painting, many days later then th

2 thoughts on “Marguerite & Barney

  1. Kim

    So interesting to watch your process and to find out your frustrations. What a journey to the final piece (which I find to be totally pleasing). It’s like a diary!


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