Marguerite & Barney

A dear friend and ex-colleague asked me to make a painting of his stepdaughter (daughter) and her horse. I just sent it out today, and thought I’d share the steps along the way.
Just before I closed the box to ship
I started with a marker sketch and loosely laying in color and value.
Now I’m slowly going around and laying in the next level of detail – not really accurate to call it detail yet…!
more in the same vein… still a mess
This is that point where I realize how much trouble I’m in. Everything I’ve touched is still crude – and not in a good way!
This is quite a bit later; lots of little steps along the way to get here. Still pretty disappointing though!
The final piece- there is a lot of time between the last image and this one. 

2 thoughts on “Marguerite & Barney

  1. Kim

    So interesting to watch your process and to find out your frustrations. What a journey to the final piece (which I find to be totally pleasing). It’s like a diary!


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