Santa Fe Society of Artists

This weekend was the first weekend (of many) where I sold and showed my art near the plaza in Santa Fe with the Santa Fe Society of Artists. It was a pleasure to work with such a lovely group of people, and edifying and educational to have so many people come through and be able to hear their reactions. I have lots to learn about this whole process but am glad to be out in the world with my art!

the booth with no one in it yet
some people walking through – no snow today!


One thought on “Santa Fe Society of Artists

  1. Barbara McGuire


    Looks like a nice booth set up and a good selection of painting sizes. Hope you had a successful show. Great to see you getting out there! Will you be coming for the Donna Zagotta demo next Monday evening at the Fine Arts Gallery on EXPO-NM?

    Regards, BJM

    Barbara McGuire MD FACP MMM 505-235-1375

    Let the beauty we love be what we do. ~ Rumi


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