Diablo Canyon in Winter

We’ve had some delightful winter weather here in Santa Fe. Not knowing how long it would last, I hurried down to Diablo Canyon, which is amazingly just down the road from where we live.

Diablo Canyon was originally a lava lake that was probably surrounded by sandstones that have since eroded away, leaving these basalt cliffs. I’ve enjoyed visiting it, but wasn’t amazed until I went one day and saw these guys high on the cliffs to the left. I scrambled around a bit and discovered the trail that goes up that side and into what’s called the grotto and eventually up to the top. That completely changes one’s point of view, and also gives some lovely views to the Jemez Mountains to the west.

Coincidentally, I was commissioned to make a 4′ x 6′ oil painting of Diablo Canyon, which I am in the middle of now. I attached a work in progress image at the end of these photographs.

Diablo Canyon seen from Buckman Road on the way there.
Entering the canyon at ground level
On the way up the trail that climbs the cliff
A view from the grotto looking out to the main cliffs.
This is looking west from higher up. The Jemez Mountains are lost in mist.
Looking north from high in the grotto.
This is looking back towards Santa Fe in the distance.
Looking back as I leave.
I headed to the Rio Grande before I left. This is Buckman Road right before it.
The Rio Grande in snow
Here’s the painting I am working on now.

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