First Prize!

My painting, Cataract Creek 02, (37″ x 57″) won first prize at the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition at the Center for the Arts in Evergreen, Colorado. I’m very grateful for the honor, and very grateful to them for accepting very large paintings! Otherwise, many of my pieces wouldn’t be eligible for any competitions.

Thanks to the juror, Stephen Quiller, and for the very helpful people at the Center for the Arts!


15 thoughts on “First Prize!

  1. Another beautiful work Jonathan. So glad to see you refining your craft and vision in such a wonderful way. All those years pursuing such challenging work in commercial media have definitely honed your eye, to allow you to create these truly exceptional pieces in more traditional media. It is very gratifying to see you continue to grow as an artist and in a way that is clearly so close to your own creative heart. Please keep up the amazing work. It’s a continuing source of inspiration to us all. -George M.


  2. Dave

    Had the pleasure of seeing in person at Evergreen and his precision is stunning and unbelievable watercolor fine!
    Met him in Santa Fe and saw his technic; he’s totally unique!
    I praise his photography in high honor, as well!


  3. Olga

    Juan, me siento orgullosa de haber conocido tus primeros trazos y ahora tener primer premio en tu trabajo
    Recibe mi abrazo fraterno desde Colombia y de nuestra familia
    This is your home abroad
    You always be welcome in our house
    Congratulations to you and your family


  4. Fantastic work, Jonathan! Love it! And as it turns out, I have cousins that live in Evergreen but have never visited them at home — gotta get up there!

    Cataract Creek is a beautiful painting — would love to see it in person some day.

    Keep up the great work and hope to see you and Melinda soon!

    Best, Richard


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