Works in Progress

I have been working in my studio as well! It’s been a little harder with all the political pasticcio, but I am recovering slowly and getting more productive. I re-organized the studio and worked with an electrician adding some lights. I also replaced all the lights with LEDs, as well as adding an industrial fan, just as it started to get hot! Probably most important, there is now a chair in my studio. It’s less of a Shaker studio now, and I can relax occasionally, and read some of the art books in my library.

I finished a small 11 x 14 acrylic painting of the Pecos river, and have been working on several paintings – you can see them below at their current states:

Morning, Pecos River 11 x 14 Acrylic on Board
More lights! And a fan! And a storage cabinet!
WIP Highway One at Waddell Creek  36 x 77 Gouache on Paper
_DSC9411 Panorama
That distant area used to be pretty dark!
WIP Canyonlands Southern Entrance 26 x 48 Acrylic on Board
_DSC9414 Panorama
Way back there is the new chair!
WIP Forest at Night, Vermont 26 x 48 Acrylic on Board
WIP Cerrillos Nocturne 16 x 24 Watercolor on Paper

3 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Richard Gibbe

    Hi Jonathan,

    Love the acrylic work that you’ve been doing! (More on that later…)

    And especially loved Cataract Creek — just fantastic.

    Congratulations on the awards and accolades too — very impressive!

    Have a great trip to Evergreen — I have cousins that live up there and they say that it’s just incredible. I’ll tell them that they’ve got to see your work at the museum!

    We went to Basalt in June for Debra’s niece’s wedding and had a terrific time (but it wasn’t a vacay since we were always on the go with no time to relax). We did go to Aspen and I wish we could attend that Art Fair and congrats on that too! While we were there they had the Food & Wine event that drew in folks from all over and we saw where that was going up so assume you will be at the same place — wonderful!

    We really enjoyed your recent emails and the personal look into your studio was fun and very informative. Good luck with the class you’re teaching as well.

    Say hi to Melinda and hope to see you when we come to Santa Fe in the fall…!

    BTW will send you the link to my two spots for Acme Brick with Troy Aikman for your critique!



    Richard Gibbe Gibbe Productions, Inc. 7263 Lane Park Dr. Dallas, TX 75225 214-532-4597



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