Through The Woods Presets

I received a note from the people at Sleek Lens asking if I would evaluate their presets for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. These are landscape-centric presets to help landscape photographers arrive at beautiful images more quickly and easily.

I shoot my photographs with the intention of grading them in Lightroom, so I almost always underexpose by 2/3 stop: here is the original RAW file from a trip up the mountain. (more coming as I work through them) I’ve placed a few examples of the results from the Through The Woods presets, although this is not remotely the limit of what is possible, especially if one uses the brush presets on top of their settings presets.

Because I spent thirty years as a digital compositor, Lightroom is not an intimidating platform for me, and I think that these are geared to photographers who are not super used to grading their pictures; for them, this would be a very welcome boost I think. As their skills grow, they could begin to adjust the settings in these Through The Woods presets and be making increasingly pretty pictures as they go.

I especially liked the brush presets, and would recommend their tutorial videos as a helpful guide to beginning to use them. If anyone is interested them, here is a link:


original image


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