Winter Solstice at Wild Rivers NRA

I drove up to there the Red River joins the Rio Grande at Wild Rivers National Recreation Area on the afternoon before the winter solstice. Because of some road construction, I got there as it was getting dark, and then spent a cold night before hiking down again early the next morning when I could see.

The weather report said that it would snow, so I was hoping to capture the snow falling – that didn’t happen. But it is a beautiful and austere hidden place. I’m still digesting the images, and thinking about when I might return.

Just before nightfall looking out over La Junta.
The Red River. The parking area is way on top of that ridge.
_DSC5245_6_7V1 Panorama
Looking south just after the Red River joins the Rio Grande.
_DSC5194 Panorama
The Red River on its way to the Rio Grande.
Red River Canyon above La Junta.
Sunrise on the Rio Grande above the junction with the Red River.
Looking down on the Rio Grande.
Climbing back out, looking towards God Hill and Wheeler Peak.

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