Elm and Pleasant Street January 2012 22″ x 30″

This is a lovely small town in Vermont, near where I used to work at the Farm & Wilderness camps long ago and where we would go for our days off sometimes. I revisited it and took some photos there one night and made this painting from that. As I periodically do, I ruined this one as a watercolor close to the finish line and reworked the ruined areas as gouache.  I was happy that this won a special juror award at the Society of Watercolor Artists, and first prize at the Spring Show of the New Mexico Watercolor Society.


1170877_720439211316434_1586431674_n 1208588_720439197983102_1784012490_n1174720_720439181316437_1619982127_n   1240582_720439171316438_687717897_n  1240379_720439154649773_884718556_n1236121_720439077983114_707613056_n1236890_720439087983113_1887189451_n1005516_720439071316448_613654996_n

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