Workshop: Painting Nocturnes in Watercolor

Felton Empire Road

I am going to be teaching a workshop from my studio in Santa Fe from the 29th of September through the 1st of October. (3 days)

Hours: 10 am – 4:30 pm
Location: 20 Vista Calabasas, Santa Fe NM 87506
Cost: $ 300 + $21 tax
Materials: Bring brushes and paints (I’ll send recommendations for those who would like them). Everything else will be provided.

(This will be in my studio at our house, about 15 minutes from the plaza in Santa Fe, on the west side of town)
For more information or to enroll, email me at:

Highway 100

I am going to prepare stretched paper and a preliminary drawing for one nocturne, approximately 12” x 18” , so as to maximize our painting time. I will also have additional stretched paper and transfer paper and tracing paper so that anyone who wants to make more than one will be able to do so.

Nocturne, Rutland VermontOne of the ways I work that I think is helpful is to have a reference print that is exactly the same size as the painting I am making, and I will make two for each image for every participant, one to cut up and lay on the paper for precise reference, and one to refer to for overall visual reference. I’m pretty sure you will become addicted to working this way and we will discuss ways to do this with different kinds of setups and equipment.

Upper Canyon Road

Also, I rely on both liquid frisket, as well as a mixture of Gum Arabic and water, and Winsor Newton lifting preparation. I will have these materials available as well. There may be a slight bottle neck for some of these materials, and you are encouraged to bring some if you’d like – a complete materials list will go out, although these materials won’t be mandatory.

The Boarding House, Madrid, NMWhat distinguishes nocturnes from other watercolors is the need to get watercolors quite dark in order not to lose the mood, and also to have clear highlight areas from lights and moon, etc. often which need to be graduated into very dark surrounding areas with some subtle halation. That is what we will focus on, as well the problems that always attend trying to create a scene complete with its emotional content!

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